Children Fishing Cup – FasTracKids Idella Junior 2014 – Sign Up

In the period of May-June 2014 there will be held a number of fishing contests for children under the aegis of FasTracKids and Idella Fishing Club

There can participate children aged between 2 years and 12 years, accompanied by colleagues, neighbors, parents, grandparents or friends. Idella FasTracKids Junior Cup is open to any child who is willing to participate, whether or not he/she is taking the FasTracKids course and whether or not the parent is enrolled in the Team Idella club.

If you want to fish together with your parent, while being professionally assisted by fishermen with many years of experience behind, if you want to be awarded and then to tell your opinion about the game, you’re welcome! Afterwards you’ll have a story to tell in the kindergarten, at school or to your neighbors for weeks. Your parents know why!

The venue is the fishing pond of Icloda, situated in Timis county, near Timisoara (about 25 km), after Sacosul Turcesc. Each participant is responsible for his/her transportation. If there are people who have no transportation means they can call the organizers in advance and the organizers will ensure free transportation for them.

The cast-iron kettle food for the adults is included in the child’s ticket price. Drinks and coffee are not included here, each person can buy at the pond’s bar.

Details of the previous edition can be found here.

You can sign up at the latest by April 20, with full payment in advance, depending on the series you chose. The number of places is limited, so it will go by the motto ‚first come – first served.’

Idella Fishing Club provides specialized technical consultancy and logistics throughout the whole fishing contest for kids. Of course, if there are children fishermen willing to participate with their own tools or the tools of their parents, they are welcome to do so.

They are preparing 4 series at the moment:

– 1st Series – Sunday, May 18 – pictures from the event here;

– 2nd Series – Sunday, May 25 – 22 seats filled;

– 3rd Series – Sunday, June 1 – 18 seats filled;

– 4th Series – Saturday, June 7 – 13 seats filled.

The following series are in course of development. If there will be clouds, rain or bad weather before one series, the series will be postponed fot the following week, on Saturday. Also, if a series will not be completed, it will merge with another incomplete series, so that a series will have about 20-25 children.

The persons you can sing up at are:

– FasTracKids – Mrs. Adina Benghe – 0723-603.528

– Team Idella – Mr. Robert Szabo – 0720-996.713

– or directly by e-mail at

Children Fishing Cup - FasTracKids Idella Junior 2014

Children Fishing Cup – FasTracKids Idella Junior 2014

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