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Fishing on the River Ebro brings great satisfaction thanks to some elementary factors

– there are more than plenty fish, especially of these species: zander, catfish, carp;

– fishing conditions are civilized;

– there is a local branch of the Team Idella club, which provides all necessary logistics for a beautiful and rewarding fishing experience.

In these terms we constructed a program for fishermen, a program for “accesible” fishing, for any keen angler, with the fishing bug in his blood or just an entertainment amateur.

The fishing range ist calculated in days, depending on the available flights. Of course, if there are wishes for other periods, you may require a concrete offer on;

Fishing on Ebro

Fishing on Ebro

Table of prices depending on the number of people and dates

Period                                                           Pachet 2                         Pachet 4                             Pachet 6

                                                                       2 persons                           4 persons                                6 persons

3 days Sunday – Wednesday           534(267euro/pers)            848(212euro/pers)              1112 (185euro/pers)

4 days Wednesday – Sunday           624(312euro/pers)            908 (227euro/pers)            1262 (210euro/pers)

7 days Sunday – Sunday                   774(387euro/pers)            1118(279euro/pers)             1512 (252euro/pers)

These prices do not include the flight tickets. These can be booked in advance at WizzAir, and they can cost up to 50 euros including a small luggage on the plane.

The above prices include

– Pick up / transportation from / to the airport in Barcelona;

– transport on the river Ebro;

– ensuring fishing rods and reels (2 sets / person) fully equipped, plus accessories and reserves;

– fishing lure, 1 bag of 25 kg for 2 persons, and bait for the hook;

– 2 hot meals per day + one cold meal a day;

– place for sleeping in the tent;

– rowboat for planting the lure bed or bait offshore;

– water, beer, and other Spanish site-specific tastings.


  • the catfish and the zander can be taken home, so that you can book baggage for the shipping room of the airplane
  • usually it is warm from March until November, but the evenings are chilly;
  • the fishing secrets that will bring you satisfaction are revealed only on the fishing grounds.

Other services

  • there can be made a complex program that will be discussed in detail for larger groups or for Team Buldings;
  • we can organize or assist in fishing competitions with civilized conditions on the Ebro, providing all logistics required for such an event.

Stories from the series so far participating in the Ebro fishing experience by Team Idella cand be found in the links below:

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