Fishing School for Children

Any person aged between 12 and 18 years who want to learn theoretically and practically stationary carp and crucian fishing can participate in the fishing school for children.

The price is 100 euro/person and includes

Fishing school for children

Fishing school for children

– 2 trips of at least two days each for fishing in the country and / or abroad; a notarial empowerment is mandatory in the second case;

– We provide full transportation, accommodation in tents, the use of the fisherman teacher’s sticks (tools), the use of bait and lures;

– Entry fees for the fishing ponds;

– Theoretical and practical training on the pond concerning the mounts used, the specific fishing techniques, the launching of the fishing rod, the baiting;

– The inclusion in the group of juniors of the Team Idella club for one year.

For details about the program of trips this year in which the willing child can be included you can request information on

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