Idella TEAM promotes and supports the passion for fishing, ecology and competitive spirit among both adults and children. Join and support us! We accept any form of support and donation.
Bank account for donations (opened at Transilvania Bank – Timisoara): RO03BTRLRONCRT0254307801 , online shop for renewable energy and great supporter of “green” energy. We are proud to support the C&R fishing club Idella TEAM! We wish them good fishing!, is a company with turn-key solar system deliveries, installations and services of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. We are particularly promoting renewable energy sources, which is why, to protect nature, we support the C&R fishing club Idella TEAM! teaches you, fishermen, how to eat healthy. Then it comes to you the responsibility of healthy feeding the fish with healthy bait or lures to put on the hook. You know that there are similarities between nutritional feeding at humans and fishes, right? We confidently support a healthy lifestyle and a fishing sport made with passion and good sense. is an online magazine about renewable energy, “green” life and ecology. We are glad to be a media partner for Idella TEAM! is a safety systems company. Here you can find various locking systems for home or car, and anti-theft safety systems. A fisherman, be it amateur or professional, needs his equipment to be safety, but also needs a safe transportation, either if is a car, a boat, a camper, a motorcycle or a ATV. That is why we support the fishing club and promote with them the competitive spirit. is an online toy store for both children and adults. We believe that physical and mental health of a child comes from the environment where he is living and that is why we support the fishing club Idella TEAM and their actions among children, increasing opportunities for recreation, promoting their closeness to nature, the involvement in environment programs and the ecological and competitive education. is an online store that provides the safest and quality deposit safes for precious goods, be they documents, jewelery, weapons or valuables. And because people differ, as well as their needs, we offer a variety of products for various fields, so we are supporting fishing passionate people by providing safety and security methods for fishing gear.

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