Idella & Friends Cup 2016 on Pond Debeljacka

Even from its first edition, the Idella & Friends Cup was a competition in the true of the word. The guys from Team Idella fished along with friends of the club, had fishermen guests from Sweden and Serbia, and have met new people – fishermen who will surely also become their friends. We chatted with the participants of the first edition of Idella & Friends Cup and from what they told me, they had a beautiful and intense competition, where the last minute would be crucial.

Group of fishermen competing at Idella & Friends Cup 2016 on Pond Debeljacka

Group of fishermen competing at Idella & Friends Cup 2016 on Pond Debeljacka

Booth 1, The Catch – Ilie Andrei and Adina Topor

Ilie Andrei: „For me, Idella & Friends Cup was the first fishing competition. I’m not a professional fisherman, like they are, but I had a really good time. I got the biggest catch of the competition – a carp of 13.1 kg. The drilling lasted 15 minutes – it was exciting. As proof, I started going fishing, even if I was not particularly fond of it. My father tried, when I was a child, to wake up at three in the morning to take me with him, so that we would be the first ones on the pond, but he did not succeed.

With Adina I got along well, the nights we took shifts. Both of us sat awake during the day, but at night we took turns at sleeping a couple of hours, so that there always would be someone watching the sticks. She had fished before, her father managed to teach her, to pass the “bug” on her, and she is also the girlfriend of a professional fisherman – which is also a plus.

In total, we caught six fish, two carp and four amuri, averaging between 9 and 11 kilograms. Adina caught a carp of 11 kg and amuris. The activity was greatest at daytime; we caught a single fish at night. One night we both got off to sleep, the fish bit but we haven’t heard it, but our booth colleagues heard it. The sensor kept ringing, but it did not wake us, and the booth colleagues had no chance to reach us in time. Never mind! We rested.

The location, the accessories – everything was perfect. For me it was a wedding gift from Robert. I enjoyed it very much. The location was very beautiful and the organization – with cups, with diplomas – was very nice. I will go fishing with them again! Right now I am wearing the competition shirt.”

Ilie Andrei and Adina Topor

Ilie Andrei and Adina Topor

Adina Topor: „It was the first fishing competition in which I participated and it was very nice. We got along well in the team, we took turns at sleeping, we also dozed off both at the same time, but it was cool.

We broke mountings, then we learned to tie mounts. We are glad that we took something home with us, meaning the cup for the catch of the competition. Being the first fishing competition that both of us participated in, it was very good. I found it all very nice – the location, how the Cup was organized, the trophies were cool. It was a fair contest. I will go again at the next edition, because I liked it, I caught the “bug”, so to speak. I often go fishing but never in competitions. It’s different – competition is adrenaline.”

Booth 3, 1st Place – Robert Românu and Bogdan Mnerie

Robert Românu: „It was fantastic. I was not expecting it to be so close, right on the edge. I mean those who fought for the podium. It was very nice, I would have liked the weather to be on our side – we had a storm with bell, look and candle – but you cannot put up with the vagaries of the weather. You just have to be prepared for any circumstances.

In terms of fish did not work as good as I expected; I must admit that I thought there would be a bit more activity, but it was welcome as it was. We must be satisfied with what we got. The important thing is that we drew out several hundred kilograms of fish. I would have liked a more fierce battle for the podium, because from a certain point of view we, who fished and caught the top rankings, we did not have the best booths.

It was very interesting – the game was on until the last fish. Before the last scale, the difference was about a few kilograms. The one that caught a fish, no matter which of us, would have taken the first place and change the ranking. To my delight, my colleague had a glance and launched in a place where he put fish the meal on a plate, so to speak.

I fished only once with Bogdan before this; he’s not a fisherman, but we got along very well as a team because we’re friends. He listened to the advice, he worked. I like working, whether it is in a competition or in a leisure game. I am very glad that he caught most of the fish, I caught the biggest, he caught the most. But, ultimately, it was teamwork and the result was obvious in the end.

I enjoyed the fact that the people socialized, we told stories, we laughed. We met new people, people whom maybe I would never have met. I felt great, it was fantastic! I can’t wait to take another round next year. Very nice!”

Robert Românu and Bogdan Mnerie

Robert Românu and Bogdan Mnerie

Bogdan Mnerie: „It was very nice; I liked the organization and the people a lot. We had a close competition, even by the skin of one’s teeth. As a team we worked very well, we got along well and we helped each other out. It was OK. We got along well also with the other teams, there was no problem with any participant. I’ve never been in fishing competitions before; this one was the first. Unfortunately the weather was not that good. We had about four storms – I might say that these were our „catches”. The biggest fish was a mirror carp, about 15 kilos; the others had an average of 11 to 12 kg.

From the point of view of organization, everything was fine, beginning with the route to the rendezvous point. We arrived and we did not lose time, we pulled the tickets, we divided into sectors. It was perfect. Even though it was my first competition, I saw the match as a fishing trip. However, if you organize other events, I would like to know about them!”

Booth 4, 6th place– Alex Sarmes and Boris Ilici

Alex Sarmes: „We felt great. The competition was very well organized, we got nice prizes. And we really enjoyed the pond, it was the first time we fished at Debeljacka. The most I like the fact that it was a competition between friends, we socialized, we saw our friends again and met new people. That is what fishing means to me. To feel good together with your friends.

Alex Sarmes and Boris Ilici

Alex Sarmes and Boris Ilici

We will participate at next events again, and I hope the guys from Team Idella will come to our pond –we have a wild pond here in Serbia. We invite them to a warm meal and a fishing game.”

Booth 5, 7th place – Marian Tărăbuță and Nicolae Savu

Marian Tărăbuță: „For me it was an unmatched experience. I am not a professional fisherman, but I occasionally go with Robert Szabo and Robert Românu. To compete at such a friendly competition, with real fishermen, is a great experience, especially for amateur fishermen.

I found that the contest was very well organized, everything was planned properly. The pond also was awesome. For me and my partner, Nicolae, it was the first time we fished at Debeljacka. A spectacular pond! Very, very pretty! It’s ideal for a contest, the fish can eat here hassle-free- because it’s a tiny puddle. Unfortunately, the fish did not bite at some people – at me.

Being the first time on the pond, I did not really know what tactic to use, but it was good, because our goal was not to get on the podium, but to catch a fish that we can take a picture with and  allows us to receive a diploma and a medal from Club Idella. And, most importantly, to fish together with friends.

I didn’t know that many persons have wanted to draw our booth. We got it, but we did not know how to fish it. We got some tips where to launch, and we caught some fish eventually. The truth is that we have never fished there before, and we are not such great fishermen as they are. We were lucky to have at our right Mr. Szabo, he gave us some tips. That’s why I like club Idella, they are incredibly awesome people. They help you in any problem and give you advice.

I know the boys for several years. They’ ve been inviting me to go fishing with them, whether in contests or leisure games. I was working and I didn’t go. Now I’m sorry. I won’t decline anymore!”

Marian Tărăbuță and Nicolae Savu

Marian Tărăbuță and Nicolae Savu

Nicolae Savu: „I felt very well at Idella & Friends Cup. I am not a fisherman, but I was born on the shores of the Olt and unfortunately my identity card outdated and I was busy working, without having fun.

I like it a lot, the organization was by the book, very good food, quiet. The guys knew how to do their job. I was surprised. I thought that at the end of the competition we’ll have a ceremony and that’s it! We go home. But that did not happen! It was really nice! I fished with Marian and we got along very well. In fact, we get along since we were 16 years old!

Our booth was quiet, but we were not bothered by this at all. I caught two fish, a carp and an amur, and I was super happy because I received an award, namely a diploma and a medal.”

Booth 6, 3rd place– Robert Szabo and Martin Svitac

Robert Szabo: „I was in a team with Martin Svitac, he came from Sweden specifically for this contest. He flew from Sweden to Belgrade, where I picked him up. We spent a day at my place and then we returned to Serbia for fishing.

It was an exciting contest, I formed a pretty good team with him, considering the fact that he does not have much experience in carp fishing, being used to other styles, such as pike fishing, and in no way to carp fishing. In Sweden he does not really have places where to fish for carp. Either he goes fishing on the sea or he fishes pike or salmon on the lakes.

Martin enjoyed it very much, he caught fish, I let him pull out most of the fish. We actually divided tasks – I was luring, throwing the sticks and he was pulling out the fish. We were well organized from this point of view. We had good cheer and we fished day and night.

At one point I thought I’d kick the bucket! In the last night,  Saturday on Sunday we fell by the wayside. We went earlier to our tent – earlier meaning around 2 AM – and both of us fell asleep. At some moment I felt feel something moving, something was touching the tent. We could hear it, even feel that something’s wrong there. We thought it was a fox, because a fox kept coming during the day to our booth asking for food. A peaceful fox, it begged for food as if it was a dog.

Believing it was the fox, I struck the tent with my palm so as to drive the fox away. It got quiet. I barely close my eyes and it was rustling again. This time in the tent. I had a wake lamp in the tent, so we would have light if we needed to jump, and when I opened my eyes … I saw a mouse in my bed, at five centimeters from my eyes. I’m not afraid of mice, but the idea that it was in my face, near the my eyes – I could not see anything because of it, so big it was – that idea terrified me.

I was scared, I jumped out of my bed and did not know where it went. Obviously, Martin woke up as well, and he started laughing. So, for an hour while I was hunting the mouse in the tent with a Cola bottle, he was laughing like a drain. It took me an hour until I removed all the luggage from the tent and until I put it all back. I removed everything! I was looking for the mouse with a rubber hammer in the hand, but I did not find it. All this time, Martin sat on the bed, he did not move at all, but he laughed continuously. He couldn’t stop. Everyone was asleep, there was complete silence on the pond, and I was screaming like a lunatic in my booth. I was struggling with a mouse which was probably gone out of the tent long time ago.

Sunday, before ending the contest, the intensity grew again in the last minutes. There were about four kg difference between the first, the second and the third place, and we were on the second place and fell on the third. In the last 10 minutes the other teams have caught fish, we didn’t. It was interesting, a battle to the quick.

It was really nice! Saturday all of us took out the sticks, we spent two hours at the pot, a meal provided by the club. The Serbian made a pot meal so that everyone ate to their fill! After that meal all of us fell asleep for about two hours. It was completely quiet. Nobody was luring anymore, no one was fishing. It was a very nice contest! O sociable one, with friends, with acquaintances. A beautiful experience!”

Robert Szabo and Martin Svitac

Robert Szabo and Martin Svitac

Martin Svitac: „Terrific contest, even though we had bad weather, the fishing trip was a good one. We caught a lot of fish, and the average was somewhere between 10 and 13 kg. The biggest fish I’ve caught had around 13 kilograms. Very entertaining!

Idella & Friends Cup was my first competition with the boys from the club. I’ve known Robert through an online game. We were playing together for several months and one day he invited me to the contest. I also like fishing, so I accepted. I’m so glad I took this decision, because it was beautiful, just perfect!

I had a great laugh when he found the mouse in the tent. He practically removed everything in the tent, except me. He laughed a lot!

I was glad to meet friendly people, people who helped you when you needed something. We helped each other out. If someone fell asleep and did not hear the warning, we were running to the booth and helping him.

I hope to participate again at competitions organized by Team Idella. For now I expect Robert here in Sweden, to go fishing together. I think he’ll come in a few months. We plan to fish for pike and also for salmon, I hope.”

Booth 8, 5th place – Pompy Aranyos

Pompy Aranyos: „I fished alone, because my partner had some problems and could not come. I said if I already entered the game, then I’ll play to the end! It was a bit crappy because there was a lot of work – I had to do everything myself, from luring to pulling the fish out of the water. As if this was not enough, my sling broke, and I had to borrow one from my neighbors. It was a bit complicated, but in the end everything was OK.

Pompy Aranyos

Pompy Aranyos

Anyway, considering that I fished alone, the 5th place is OK. I would have had chances to take the 4th place, but I lost about three fish. That’s it, it happens! What matters is to participate, and it was even nice! I caught Romanian carps and mirror carps, and I think I also had a couple of amuris. The average weight was between 7 and 11 kg.

Otherwise, nice people. We helped each other out and we sat together at a cauldron; it was cool! I felt really good! I will go also to the next edition with great joy!”

Booth 10, 2nd place – Bobi Szoke and Daniel Gârbovan

Bobi Szoke:  „For me it was an honor to go fishing on the pond in question. It is one of my favorites, because the place itself is a challenge. No stand is alike. Each one has something specific.

It was the first time I participated in a competition organized by Team Idella. Daniel saw the contest and called Robert Szabo to see if we had a chance to participate too. That’s how we got to the competition and I can say in all sincerity that, out of the 15 cups that I have at home, this cup is the biggest and the most beautiful!

Daniel and I go together to competitions since about four or five years, so we get along great. I was lucky, I caught a fish in the last minutes of the contest, and if I had not catched it, we would have taken the 3rd place. I was fluttering so hard, that I was afraid that I might drop it.

The fish from Debeljacka are very pugnacious, they are not obedient at all. They probably thought that we would put them directly into the pan. On the contrary, we take great care of them. Being combative, there are many cases in which you can easily lose them and, as you might notice, when you are a few minutes away from the end of the competition and you know that the fish you got on the hook can help you win even the first place (depending on how big it is), you are in a big flap. I almost dropped the stick from my hand. After I pulled it out, I was shaking so hardly that I was not able to hold anything in my hands for 10 minutes.

The organization was all perfect, except for one thing. At one point I ran out of boilies and out of bait, and the fish, if you don’t give him that, leaves to whom still has something to give him. I had a booth which was not exactly OK. Besides that, there was no one fishing at booth 9, and a bit of more lure would have helped us a lot.

Booth 10 is a stand where it is very difficult to keep the fish, and it was very hard for us to keep the fish there with only 10 kilograms of boilies, where the limit was. My suggestion would be that at the next competition they no longer impose a limit on the bait. Given the fact that the booths are not equally productive,  the limit on the bait can’t be equal either, in my opinion. It’s the only thing I didn’t like.

Everything else was just perfect! I can’t deny that! Everything was by the book, from stopping the contest, going to dinner, everything was very well thought out. The trip really did me good. We also had time to talk to others, to help each other out.”

Bobi Szoke and Daniel Gârbovan

Bobi Szoke and Daniel Gârbovan

Daniel Gârbovan: „The feel was super OK, I left with a prize, so it was even cooler! I go to about two or three competitions per year, time does not allow me more. And when I go, I only participate in competitions organized by people I know a bit. So I was expecting it to be a well organized competition and so it was.

I often go fishing with Bobi; I think he gave me the fishing «virus». Six or seven years ago he called me fishing and I had an idea about how it is done, but I was not a passionate fisherman. Since then, I think I only go together with him, I’ve never been with someone else. We get along well in a team, there are no vanities. If one of us wants to try something else if it is not working well, he does it and that’s it.

What I enjoyed the most is that I got the most beautiful cup ever! I got some other cups at home, but the one from Team Idella is the most beautiful! I think I looked at it every day, I admire it as if it was from Formula 1. I like it so much!”

Participants at Idella & Friends Cup 2016 on Pond Debeljacka

Participants at Idella & Friends Cup 2016 on Pond Debeljacka

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Article by Roxana Muntean

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