Idella & Friends Cup Debeljača – Serbia 2016

Idella & Friends Cup, 13-15 May, Debeljača (Serbia)

We recommend each team to participate in this event accompanied by a passionate friend, more or less experienced.
Participation fee: 100,00EUR / team
Bait limitation: MAX: 10kg of boilies and 1kg of paste. Hook boilies are limited to a maximum of 1kg.
Teams will consist of two carp anglers with full rights.
Fishing will be done exclusively on boilies.

Lunch Saturday from 14:00 until 17:00PM local time in which all competitors will cease fishing and will go to the restaurant for lunch and socializing. (MANDATORY) In this period all rods will be taken out of the water.

I – Trophy, medals, diplomas
II – Trophy, medals, diplomas
III – Trophy, medals, diplomas
Biggest fish of the competition – Trophy, medals, diplomas

The podium can not take the biggest fish, but can choose between biggest fish and podium. All participants will receive medals + diplomas.

1.  4 rods / team, one hook at each rod. (Disqualification)
2.  Seeds of any kind are not allowed, live bait, groundbaits. Artificial corn is permitted only with boilies on the rig. (Disqualification)
3.  All members of the team have full rights.
4.  Competitors are required not to weight hurt or dead fish. (WARNING)
5.  Competitors are required to maneuver carefully the carps on the bank. (WARNING)
6.  The minimum number of fish holding sacks required per team is 10 pcs.
7.  Rigs are required to allow the release of lead in case of rupture. (WARNING)
8.  Competitors are required to notify potential visitors. They can be visited on the stand in hours: 08:00-22:00. (WARNING)
9.  Competitors are required to treat the competition with sportsmanship, without screaming, loud music or other hoolinganic events. (WARNING)
10.  It is forbidden to use any type of sonar or bait boars. (Disqualification)
11.  Tent lighting of any kind is allowed. Outside only headlamp is permitted. (WARNING)
12.  Competitors are asked to leave the stand in perfect state of cleanliness at the end of the competition.
13.  All activities related to fishing (baiting, releasing, drill) will be carried out exclusively in the stand.
14.  Baiting is allowed throughout the fishing period (day + night) exclusively with cobra or slingshot. It’s FORBIDDEN the use of spombs, baiting rockets and other similar processes of baiting. (Disqualification)
15.  The teams are required to weigh all fish caught on each official weighing. (WARNING)

A.  There are two weighings per day. If a team has caught more than 10 fish or a biggerr fish of 15 kg then you can make a weighing between official scales. There are no weighings durring the night.
B.  When performing weighing the neighboring stand is required to attend as a witness.
C.  During the official weighings, the carp drills have priority.
D.  The referee is bound to apply the regulation, to take action when appropriate and note the warnings on the scoresheet. If any disagreement arises between two contestants, the final decision has the referee.
E.  Appeals may be brought to the attention of the referee only in writing no later than one hour after consuming offense. Any further appeal will not be considered. A written appeal is guarantee taxed by 20euros. If the appeal proves to be entitled, the team gets back the guarantee tax. If a team receives two warnings will be eliminated from the competition.

I.  Before the start of the competition, the referee will check:
• environmentally friendly landing net
• the 10 big fish holding sacks
• carp disinfection solution
• mounts that allow the rapid release of lead in case of rupture.
Teams that do not match the above points will start competition later, after they fix the situation.
II.  Fish that will be weighted: Common carp, mirror carp and grass carp that is equal or above 3kg.
III.  Delayed teams will be assigned the remaining stands.
IV.  Gathering takes place on Friday, 13th of May 2016 at 08:00 GMT+2 when the rules will be presented, at 09:00 we will perform the draw to order stands, followed by the draw of the stands / locations. Competition start at 10:00. The contest will end on Sunday 15th of May 2016 at 12.00AM followed by the ceremony awards at 13:00PM!

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