The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The guys from Idella fought for three days in a new competition. This time, at the pond in Topolovăţu Mare. Unlike the first Idella Cup, the fishermen had to overcome new challenges: small fish, which did not count, high heat and the sweet temptation of sleep…

Edy Matei, Ovidiu Opre & Dan Alboni

For the three of them, the competition from Topolovăţu Mare meant a real challenge. The boys got a stand not that popular compared to those which occupied the first places in the ranking. About this and other details, such as teamwork and the little secrets of a successful competition we talked to Edy Matei, who has been heavily involved in organizing the competition.

“The competition was held pretty well, I think. I was teamed up with Dan and Ovidiu, and we got along very well. A great team, I hope to keep it in the future. We want to participate in more competitions, Ovidiu and I already formed a team, we are looking for the third member, I mean for other contests. Maybe Dan will join us. It’s hard to form a team in a short time. The members have to know each other; everyone should know what he has to do, to know his place in the team”, says Edy.

Regarding the small fish, Edy Matei believes that for the most people who are in the competition, this was not a problem. Just because it is said that a fisherman needs to know to catch small fish also:

“The guys wanted bigger fish, being used to other competitions. We do not all want to go to big fish. Every competition counts, because you can learn and gain experience. The most important thing for a fisherman is that he has to know to fish for both small fish and big fish. There are different tactics that you need to master”, Edy explains.

As for the bait, he said that his team baited, during the competition, with approximately 18 kg of homemade seeds and around 14 kilograms of boilies, on a bed of 50-60 meters from the shore, in the corners. However, the stand on the pond the boys had drawn was not that OK.

“The place we got was not a very good one, but we managed to win the first place, because the boys did their job. We had Robert and Domitian next to us. They are on the right track; their only problem is they do not know how to manage their hours of sleep. The boys were behind us, with five to six kilograms. I was watching them; they could have beaten us at any time. However, they had this problem with the sleeping hours. I really liked Domitian. He looks, “steals” some skills, and collects information. And more importantly, he makes use of what he learns. If he keeps it up, I’m sure he will become a very good fisherman. Same thing about Robert, but he has another tactic”, also says Edy.

The fisherman from Idella was also involved in the organization of other competitions, seeing each of them like a new experience, in which every participant has a lot of things to learn. He knows when to launch a competition, how to do in such way that everyone is happy.

“We’re on the right path with the third cup. I hope it takes place in the autumn, when the big fish starts to eat. Here the very, very small fish ate. Overall, on the entire pond, we caught nearly a ton. I was expecting a ton and a half. There will certainly be bigger catches in the next competition. It matters a lot to organize such competitions as often as possible. At Topolovăţu Mare we had guests from Serbia which, I think, were very satisfied with how they were received. I hope to have other partnerships like that. Regarding the club, I hope we can organize as many competitions as possible, to create several teams to go to national and international competitions. This is the only way to get some training. We want to support both those who want to participate at a higher level and those who want to stay in club competitions. Either way, I still go”, enthusiastically concludes Edy Matei. The bait used was from Secret Baits and Dudi Baits.

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

Felician Moruz, Mircea Rădulescu & Mihai Nartea

If for other members of club Idella the game was full of difficulties, then there is no sense to mention Felician, Mircea and Mihai, who got a stand…

“We had bad luck; we got a stand with low water and mud. However, it was a great competition, very well organized and it should be repeated in the future, for the coalescence of the club. As a team, we got along very well. We took turns when it came to sleep and somebody stayed the whole time near the sticks”, says Felician.

The boys baited too, with boilies and seed, and they caught a total of about 18 kg of fish. The largest weighed about six kilograms, gaining the fifth place in sector A. The fortune, if I may say so, is that they had no problems with the little ones. That’s because…

“As we got the low and muddy water, we had no problems with them. We let them go, they did not bother us”, also says Felician Moruz.

Tiberiu Micu, Ionel Cucu & Filip Laurentiu

For the team, the competition was pretty tough. That’s because, says Tiberiu Micu, at first we caught very little fish.

“At first it was difficult. In less than 24 hours we had about 10 kilograms and the first place had about 74. A very big difference. But we found our tongues again. We baited, but not much. Often and a little. Only with soluble and strong boilies. We finished on the first place, sector A, with 140 kilograms of fish caught”, said Tiberius Micu.

As for the teamwork, everything went like clockwork:

“We got along very well! Ionel Cucu thought about everything. He was the brain: the baiting, the balls, the strategy, everything. I had a good hand at the drawings, I got a good stand. Otherwise, the only difficulty for us was great heat…” Tiberiu tells.

Robert Szabo, Domiţian Covaci & Florin Preotesoiu

For Domitian Covaci it was his second competition, a competition where he could have gained, together with his team, the first place. But, he says, they realized the mistakes they have made only when it was too late. What kind of mistakes?

“Mistakes like sleeping in the first night. We baited too much with seed, we did not work enough on the sticks. These are three serious mistakes that beginners make, but it’s good that in the end, we analyzed the situation and we realized, we were aware of the difference between us and the 1st place. I am very confident that I will climb, accumulating experience. Personally, I took the fifth place in my first contest and the third place in the second. I hope to succeed more in the future. Next year, maybe”, says Domitian.

On the other hand, for Robert this contest was a special one.

“It was a very intense competition for me; I did not sleep the first night and my colleagues slept standing on their feet. The first night was pretty hard, I caught 80 fish. There were not big, but we felt the fatigue, especially that a night before the competition you do not really sleep. You are excited; the adrenaline is at its highest. Plus the emotions. It was OK. In the morning I went to sleep and the boys woke up, I got to sleep about five hours and afterwards we resumed the contest. It lasted until the next morning at five A.M., when I woke up alone again, my colleagues were sleeping again, also in the second night”. Robert tells.

In the hours without sleep, the only one in the team who stayed awake has had a funny experience.

“There was a more interesting happening, a funnier one, when I caught a bigger fish and Domitian asks me in his sleep, if he should come help me. I told him to stay, not to get up, and to sleep further and that I let him know that when I’ll bring it to shore and see how big it is. I don’t think there passed 20 seconds and I brought the fish to the shore. And I say: “Domi, come! It’s a big one!” He was sleeping on and I haven’t managed to wake him up. And so I yelled at him until he woke up and Florin also came, who had been in the tent. He woke up from time to time and he came there. And, at about five in the morning, I gave up. I do not remember… eiher I passed out, or I fell asleep standing on my feet. But the fact that I fell like a plank, near the sticks, that was clear. I was hitting the ground, it was very difficult to get up but, finally, I got up and asked Florin to switch shifts with me, because I could not stand it anymore. It was… all I know… that I woke up on the floor near the sticks. I know that I got up from the chair when the fish bit; I went near the sticks and expected the third beep for confirmation that it is a fish and I woke up on the floor. Either I fell asleep, standing or waiting for the fish to bite a third time, or I fainted,” recalls Robert, amused.

Otherwise, the boys say that this fishing party was a lesson, because they learned from their mistakes. In addition, it was a test of patience because of the small fish.

“We had a lot of small fish in front of us, which ‘killed’ us mentally. Five fish made up one kilogram. We very hardly managed to sort them out somehow. The pond is very beautiful, with many fish; even our first fish had six kilograms, and there was also the catch up on the last night when others took it away from us. It was an intense competition, but there was also a lot of fun on the pond.

I worked a lot with seeds, rather than with balls, knowing that, as many small fish as there are, there was no point to use them. Our mistake was that we used small seeds and have gathered all crucian carps (I guess) in the pond, which did not count. Only carp was counted for the score, and we had the next day five crucian carps caught one after another. We caught about 190 fish in total, 120 kilograms. We should have worked much more on the sticks. But we realized this too late. It is a lesson for us and we move on”, the boys also say.

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

Leonard Roman and Dorin Suba

Team Leonard and Dorin started the competition in disadvantage. Calin Fiat should have competed together with them, but he could not make it to the competition. However, the two fishermen did a great job.

“I pulled one of the best stands. It was very good. We baited with soluble balls and a little bit of corn on Saturday. We finished the competition on the 2nd place, sector A, we took the catch (6.8 kg) and a total of 128 kilograms of fish caught. It was hard at first, because only the two of us competed with the others. However, we managed to stay amongst the first places; it was more difficult because we had to cover the absence of our colleague. But it was a very nice competition”, says Leonard Roman.

Francisc Szilagyi, Alex Grosu & Daniel Meszaros

“It was a nice contest, it was all good. As a team, we got along very well. We know each other for a long time, we often went fishing together. And we also got along with our stand neighbours”, says Francisc.

The boys finished the competition on the second place, sector B, with about 140 fish caught and a total of 127.9 kg.

Regarding the bait, they did three beds of bait: boilies, fermented corn and seeds. That’s because they knew what’s expecting them:

“We caught both big fish and small fish. I knew what it would be. We had no problems with them; we knew what’s expecting us. Otherwise, the only difficulty encountered was the heat”, says Francisc.

Adrian Novac, Bobi Durbacă & Cosmin Filote

For Adrian Novac the Cup of Topolovăţul Mare was his first fishing contest.

“It was great. We had a great time. For me it was the first contest, although I’ve been fishing before. Everything was very ok, we got along very well in the team, we had no problems. In fact, we got along with all the guys”, says Adrian.

The three fishermen baited with seed and boilies, they caught about 40 fish, a total of 62 kilograms.

“We had a bunch of small fish. Three fish were larger, with an average of five kilograms, otherwise only small once”, points out the fisherman.

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

The Idella Cup – 2nd Edition

Augustin Barac, Cristian Jianu & Sorin Dundi

“Concerning the organization, the competition was very OK. Regarding the pool, I knew the location since a long time ago and it was much worse than we expected. I know the pond, I fished there three years ago, I am not disappointed in the competition, but only about what the pond offers. This edition was clearly much weaker than in Serbia, but it was OK, being organized by the club”, says Augustin Barac.

The team baited for small fish, with small seeds. As a result, the boys finished on fourth place, sector B, with a catch of 5 fish of 1.5 kg each.

The stand did not help much either: “Theoretically, it was a good stand. But practically, a bad one. We left later than those on the other side, the side with Timisoara, we had one kilogram when the others had 20”, recalls the fisherman.

As for the teamwork…

“We fish together for a long time now, all in the same formula, so we got along very well”, concludes Augustin.

Doru Caragin, Mircea Caragin & Darius Popovici

Mircea Caragin tells the team he was part of baited mainly with a mix of seeds and boilies of different sizes, colours and flavours, together with soluble pasta for the hook.

The misfortune of getting a bad stand did not miss them either.

“A difficult stand, located at edge of the lake, with very little water with a very muddy substrate and few fish, mostly small… sometimes not even countable.

We finished the contest on the fourth place, sector A”, says Mircea.

The arbitration

This time the arbitration was made by ​​Vali Gherasim and Stefan Baroga, who learned for the first time how it is like to be a referee in a fishing competition.

“It was fun, a new experience. For me it was the first time I was in the position of the referee, I usually am a fisherman”, says Stefan.

As for the arbitrage activity, it was directly proportional to the fish caught. Since the fishermen had much trouble with small fish and those who did not score, the referees had time to … relax:

“I sat more on the sidelines. They did not catch as much as we expected. In the morning, at the earliest hour, we made the first weighing, and the second was at about six in the afternoon. At the last weighing, when we had to decide the final score, about two hours passed until we made the tour of the pond. From my point of view it was a very enjoyable experience”, adds Stefan.

Despite the setbacks in this competition, the fishermen from Idella felt really good also at the second cup organized by the club. And the longer you talk to them, the more you realize that they cannot wait for a new contest.

Sincerely, Roxana Muntean

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